Texas Legends Looking to Add Allen Iverson

Once again, the Dallas Mavericks D-League team, the Texas Legends, is making news. Last week, we wrote about the addition of Delonte West to the Legends, but now, they’ve outdone themselves.

According to reports from ESPN, the Legends are now making a push for long time 76ers point guard, and NBA bad boy Allen Iverson.

That’s right. Allen Iverson might be the newest Texas Legend.

The same Allen Iverson who hates practice, and currently plays in China. Or Turkey. Somewhere like that..

For those that struggle to put two and two together, that means the Legends backcourt would be Delonte West and Allen Iverson, making it the most polarizing backcourt ever for a D-League team.

Now, with the signing of Mike James for the remainder of the season expected to be coming down later today (EDIT 11:44 am: The Mavs have officially announced James’ signing through the end of the year), it seems that Iverson would not become a Dallas Maverick any time soon (same goes for West, by the way). However, I guarantee you I’d get myself up to Allen to watch those guys play.

One other interesting thing of note, Dirk Nowitzki just passed Iverson this Sunday on the all time scoring list, moving into 18th all time.

I’m not sure why this is happening, but I like it.

Go Mavs.

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