Friday , 18 April 2014
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TCU Content Moving to Frogs O War

TCU Content Moving to Frogs O War

I am proud to announce that I’ve been asked by the awesome guys over at Frogs O War, TCU’s SB Nation blog, to be a contributor, beginning next week.

However, that means some slight changes will be coming to DSR.

There will no longer be any TCU content on this site (The old posts will remain, but nothing new will be posted). We’ll continue to have the College Football Top 25, and stories from around the nation, and, as always, we’ll still be your go-to site for anything and everything Rangers, Mavs, Cowboys and Stars.

Thanks for all of your support in getting the site to this point! Your readership is the reason I’m getting other offers.

So, for all you TCU fanatics, head on over and start reading:

Thanks, and GO FROGS.

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The site is owned and operated by Jamie Plunkett, a TCU graduate with a B.S. in advertising and public relations. In short, he’s a sports junkie. Born and raised in Dallas, he grew up following Dallas sports closely and passionately. He created the Dallas Sports Rant as an opportunity to unleash his sports knowledge and bias on the rest of the world. He also performs a pretty excellent karaoke version of Ice Ice Baby.

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