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Delonte West is back…sort of

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Earlier Friday, ESPNDallas.com’s Tim MacMahon reported that the Texas Legends, the Dallas Mavericks’ D-League team, acquired Delonte West off of waivers, just days after the maligned point guard made himself available.

Now, this doesn’t mean he’ll be with the Mavericks any time soon. The organization seems to be pretty fond of Mike James, and the rumor is that the Mavs will sign James for the rest of the season when his second 10-day contract expires.

One can hold out hope though, that West will be back on the team soon.

If you recall though, West didn’t exactly leave the team on great terms before the season, reportedly getting into a huge fight with Rick Carlisle, leading to a one-day indefinite suspension. Despite the short nature of his suspension, West was released from the team several days later, and it was thought he was off his medications.

He tweeted otherwise at the time, and included a quip about him sitting across from the AAC with tears in his eyes.

West has had quite the rollercoaster ride in the NBA, but it seemed like he had finally found a match with the Mavericks. Concerns about his influence on younger players was also reportedly an issue, and could be the reason in the long run that keeps West from ever being a Maverick again.


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  1. Is there even room for him in their rotation at this point?

  2. Probably not, as they’re about to sign Mike James for the rest of the season.

    It was always a long shot. Hey, he could return to Boston though, I hear they need a PG…

  3. Ouch!

    Gut punch to Celtics fans.

    It’s okay. I’m not one of them.

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