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The Final Four

The Final Four is in “North Texas” at ATT Stadium in Arlington this year so Im looking forward to all the events that should be happening around the Metroplex over the next few weeks to get ready for the big show in Jerry World.

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Game Day

It’s finally here. College game day.

Geux Frogs.

Also: Check out the Zone Read Podcast Monday at 7 PM for an update on Chris and Jamie’s fantasy draft Friday night and stories from the TCU LSU game at Cowboy’s stadium Saturday.

DSR’s College Football Rankings — Week 3

Another week of college football, another group of upsets. This is getting ridiculous.

Dropped Out

  • #20 Wisconsin
  • #18 Tennessee
  • #17 BYU
  • #9 Virginia Tech

Jumped In

  • Stanford
  • Notre Dame
  • Ohio State
  • Nebraska

Next Five

  • Mississippi State
  • Oklahoma State
  • Cincinnati
  • Northwestern
  • Tennessee

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#11 TCU Horned Frogs game preview: Kansas Jayhawks

The Horned Frogs got off to a great start last week, upending Grambling State with ease, 56-0. This week, they play their first game against a Big 12 opponent as a member of the Big 12.

Kind of.

Technically, Kansas is in the Big 12, but I can’t imagine this game being a very tough match for the Frogs.

After all, Kansas has only won six Big 12 games since the 2008 season.

The Jayhawks did get quite the makeover this season though, albeit not a great one. Former Notre Dame Head Coach, and NFL defensive coordinator Charlie Weis took over the struggling program, and he brought with him Fighting Irish transfer Dayne Crist.

Crist has struggled so far this year, and was a key reason Kansas lost to Rice last week. He threw two interceptions, the second with less than five minutes left in the fourth quarter. Rice’s ensuing drive led to the game-winning 45-yard field goal.

Kansas’ defense has allowed opposing offenses (South Dakota State and Rice, mind you) to total 814 yards of offense, 443 passing and 371 rushing, and score 42 points.

That doesn’t bode well for them, with the potent, dual-threat offense the Horned Frogs are bringing to Lawrence this weekend.

It should be an easy win for the Frogs, as they advance to 2-0 on the season.

TCU-63, Kansas-10.

Go Frogs.

More weekend picks:

#18 Tennessee vs. #19 Florida

Pick: Tennessee-24, Florida-17

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia

Pick: Virginia-31, Georgia Tech-20

#21 Stanford vs. #2 USC

Pick: USC-37, Stanford-24

#15 Michigan State vs. Notre Dame

Pick: Michigan State-42, Notre Dame-20

Arkansas vs. #1 Alabama

Pick: Alabama-27, Arkansas-24

DSR’s College Football Rankings — Week 2

Week 2 in the college football season really did a number on my rankings.

Five teams in my Week 1 Top 25 found themselves out of the rankings in Week 2, so let’s jump right in.

Dropped Out

  • #25 Rutgers (def. Howard, 26-0)
  • #22 Washington (lost @ LSU, 3-41)
  • #18 Oklahoma State (lost @ Arizona, 38-59)
  • #17 Nebraska (lost @UCLA, 30-36)
  • #5 Arkansas (lost vs. Louisiana Monroe, 31-34)

Jumped In

  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • UCLA
  • Florida
  • Tennessee

So, without further ado, here is Week 2’s Top 25 (scroll over the image for more detail, or look below the image. Sorry about the formatting, we’re working to improve it).

[imagebrowser id=2]

The Big 12’s New TV Deal

The Big 12 is expected to announce a new television deal with ABC/ESPN and Fox worth $2.6 billion Friday, according to ABC/ESPN and Fox will share the rights to broadcast football, while ABC/ESPN will have exclusive rights to Big 12 basketball, according to the article by Brett McMurphy.

The Big 12’s board of directors will formally vote on the deal Friday morning, which will extend through the 2024-2025 season. The math works out so that each school will receive $20 million a year, putting them just behind the Pac 12, where every team gets $21 million a year.

My first reaction: What???

The Big 12 is content with a deal that doesn’t even break even with an inferior conference? That seems a bit ridiculous to me. It hasn’t been said yet, but I’m assuming that there will be a clause in the deal that says if the Big 12 adds teams, say they go to 12 or even 14, the deal can be renegotiated to, at the very least, keep every school at the $20 million/year mark.

Now, the new deal also includes a grant of rights clause, stating that if any team is to leave the Big 12 for another conference, all of their media rights and revenue would remain with the Big 12.

That’s a big deal for a conference that was on the brink of collapse just over a year ago.

That’s pretty much it for now, but hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.

Stay Tuned.

DSR College Football Top 25 Rankings — Week 1

It was certainly a busy weekend for college football, both on the field and in the rankings. Big wins and upsets, major injuries and breakout performances all had a say in making the weekend great.

FCS Upsets

It has become a running theme that at least one FCS team will upset their FBS opponent in week 1. Pitt became the latest to fall to an “inferior” foe, as they were knocked off, quite handily, by Youngstown State.

Other FBS teams to lose to an FCS opponent:

Memphis (20-17 to Tennessee Martin)

Idaho (20-3 to Eastern Washington)

Middle Tennessee St. (27-21 to McNeese State)

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at how things shifted from our preseason poll.

Dropped Out:

N.C. State

Jumped In:


#25 — Rutgers (W, 24-12 vs. Tulane)

Last Week: #24

Trending: Down

#24 — Georgia Tech (L, 20-17 in OT vs. Virginia Tech)

Last Week: #20

Trending: Down

Quick bit: Tevin Washington made everyone forget his solid performance by throwing the worst interception of the weekend.

Nick Florence could have Bears fans forgetting all about Robert Griffin III.

#23 — Baylor (W, 59-24 vs. SMU)

Last Week: NR

Trending: Up

Quick bit: Nick Florence picked up where RG3 left off in throwing for 341 yards and 4 touchdowns. There’s a storyline to watch.

#22 — Washington (W, 21-12 vs. San Diego State)

Last Week: #22

Trending: Level

#21 — BYU (W, 30-6 vs. Washington State)

Last Week: #23

Trending: Up

Quick bit: The Cougars absolutely stifled Washington State’s offense in Mike Leach’s return to coaching.

#20 — Louisville (W, 32-14 vs. Kentucky)

Last Week: 21

Trending: Up

#19 — Michigan State (W, 17-13 vs. Boise State)

Last Week: #19

Trending: Level

Quick Bit: This win would have been more impressive if Kellen Moore was still a Bronco.

#18 — Oklahoma State (W, 84-0 vs. Savannah State)

Last Week: #18

Trending: Level

Quick bit: 84 points is impressive, but Savannah State has won two games in the last two seasons playing in the MEAC.

#17 — Nebraska (W, 49-20 vs. Southern Mississippi)

Last Week: #17

Trending: Level

Losing Brandon Jenkins means guys like Bjoern Werner will have to step it up (Of course, Werner had four sacks on Saturday).

#16 — Florida State (W, 69-3 vs. Murray State)

Last Week: #16

Trending: Level

Quick bit: The ‘Noles suffered a huge loss on Saturday when DE Brandon Jenkins hurt his foot. Jenkins will miss the entire season, as we learned Monday.

#15 — Georgia (W, 45-23 vs. Buffalo)

Last Week: #15

Trending: Level

#14 — Wisconsin (W, 26-21 vs. Northern Iowa)

Last Week: #14

Trending: Down

Quick Bit: It took a 4th-quarter, 4th-down stand for the Badgers to beat the fellas from the MVC.

#13 — TCU (BYE)

Last Week: #13

Trending: Level

#12 — Michigan (L, 41-14 vs. (2) Alabama)

Last Week: #8

Trending: Down

Quick bit: I knew Alabama was good but I didn’t expect the Wolverines to get beaten like this. The Tide plain whooped them.

#11 — Clemson (W, 26-19 vs. Auburn)

Last Week: #12

Trending: Up

#10 — Virginia Tech (W, 20-17 in OT vs. (24) Georgia Tech)

Last Week: #11

Trending: Up

Quick bit: The Hokies benefited greatly from a huge Georgia Tech error. Kicker Cody Journell redeems an earlier FG miss to seal it for Virginia Tech.

#9 — Kansas State (W, 51-9 vs. Missouri State)

Last Week: #10

Trending: Up

#8 — South Carolina (W, 17-13 vs. Vanderbilt)

Last Week: #9

Trending: Up

Quick Bit: Vanderbilt is a good team, and the Gamecocks should be happy they left Nashville with a win.

Geno Smith is already making Heisman pundits go “Oooooooooo”.

#7 — West Virginia (W, 69-34 vs. Marshall)

Last Week: #8

Trending: Up

Quick Bit: Geno Smith got his Heisman bid off to a great start, throwing for 323 yards and 4 touchdowns, while running for 65 more yards and another score.

#6 — Oregon (W, 57-34 vs. Arkansas State)

Last Week: #6

Trending: Level

#5 — Arkansas (W, 49-24 vs. Jacksonville State)

Last Week: #5

Trending: Level

#4 — LSU (W, 41-14 vs. North Texas)

Last Week: #4

Trending: Level

#3 — Oklahoma (W, 24-7 vs. UTEP)

Last Week: #3

Trending: Level (barely)

Quick bit: It took a strong 4th quarter for the Sooners to put UTEP away. Before that, they struggle mightily on offense.

#2 — Alabama (W, 41-14 vs. (12) Michigan)

If Alabama has another game like they did on Saturday, they’ll be the new #1.

Last Week: #2

Trending: Level

Quick bit: The Tide are for real. That’s all.

#1 — USC (W, 49-10 vs. Hawaii)

Last Week: #1

Trending: Level

Quick bit: Barkley threw for almost 400 yards and four touchdowns.

Frogballing: The Runs Stop Here

Well, for lack of a more grandiose introduction sentence, it’s over. A season full of unbelievable lows, mildly exciting highs, and lack of general grasp on just who exactly this team is has finally come to a close. It ended [disclaimer: clichés ahead] not with a bang but a whimper, as the Frogs went out quietly in UCLA, amassing just 3 runs on 14 hits in their 65 at-bats in Los Angeles. They lost the same way they’ve lost all season – mental mistakes, fielding errors, and impatience at the plate – which is marginally frustrating, but ultimately to be expected.

I could say so many negative things about the Frogs this weekend, but they played their little tails off to scrap into a Super Regional they had no business being at, and should be commended for peaking at the right time and playing hard.

The postseason experience really gave the Frogs a good time to gel, and their chemistry and momentum rolling into next season should be huge, as the freshmen realize that when they actually come out and play, nobody can touching them. This run in the College World Series really was a positive time for this team, and a great way to reward the freshmen after they worked so hard to compensate for an all but dead weight upper class (you know who I’m referring to).

I’ve reached a good place about this Horned Frog baseball team, after this run. I was very negative on them this season. Only half of them deserved it (the upperclassmen and Derek Odell). The freshmen on this team have really played well this season. Once Kevin Cron got healthy and notched some at-bats, he was unreal this season. His upside is tremendous, especially after an off-season workout regimen gets him into shape coming into next season.

Jerrick Suiter is a freak. That’s about all I have to say about him. Preston Morrison was just named 1st team Freshman All-American. The Frogs have a core coming back that is already respected, and soon to be feared.

Despite the no-show in the Supers, this Frog team sent a very strong message to their new Big 12 friends – it’s about to get real.

As the College World Series wraps up in the next few weeks, Frogballing will inevitably become less frequent, but I’m still planning to update on important news and offseason notes, maybe even track a few of our boys in the big leagues. For now, I’m going into full CWS mode, so let’s get to the picks.
Last week: I went 6-2, missing only TCU and Stanford. That brings me to 14-10 on the postseason, a respectable .583.

  • In the Upper Half of the bracket, I’m finally caving and relinquishing my stubbornness: I think Florida State is undoubtedly the team to beat now. That’s right, I #fearthespear. Call me crazy for this, but they’ll see Stony Brook in the semifinal. The Seawolves went into the dragon’s lair and stole two games convincingly from LSU this weekend, and they aren’t scared of anybody. And, come on, they’re the only ones left with more than 50 wins. FSU-Stony Brook semifinal.
  • In the Lower Half, I’m much less fun. South Carolina loses the first game to Florida, and then the two will duke it out for best of the SEC in the semi-final. Consistent with #KingSEC, Arkansas advances past Kent State, but ultimately loses to Florida and South Carolina.
  • So, on the record, for clarity’s sake I’ve got my final four as FSU-Stony Brook and Florida-South Carolina.

Bet against me, and maybe you’ll keep your money. Leave predictions below if you think you can do better. Remember to follow @TheDSportsRant for general updates, and during the games I’ll be tweeting reactions from @spfleming.