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Big 12 and the NFL Draft — Who Went Where

Big 12 and the NFL Draft — Who Went Where

25 Big 12 players (not including incoming schools TCU and West Virginia) were drafted in the 2012 NFL draft, and another 31 have been signed in free agency thus far.

Here’s a breakdown by school:

Baylor Bears


1st Round (2nd overall) — Robert Griffin III (QB) — Washington Redskins

1st Round (20) — Kendall Wright (WR) — Tennessee Titans

4th Round (108) — Philip Blake (C) — Denver Broncos

6th Round (202) — Terrance Ganaway (RB) — New York Jets

6th Round (203) — Robert T. Griffin (OT) — New York Jets

Undrafted Free Agents:

Nicolas Jean-Baptiste (DT) — Baltimore Ravens

Elliot Coffey (LB) — Denver Broncos

Tracy Robertson (DE) — Houston Texans


Iowa State Cyclones


2nd Round (60th overall) — Kelechi Osemele (OT) — Baltimore Ravens

Undrafted Free Agents:

Hayworth Hicks (OG) — Indianapolis Colts

Leonard Johnson (CB) — Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Kansas Jayhawks

Drafted: (NONE)

Undrafted Free Agents:

Steven Johnson (CB) — Denver Broncos

Tim Biere (TE) — Kansas City Chiefs


Kansas State Wildcats


7th Round (229th overall) — Bryce Brown (RB) — Philadelphia Eagles

Undrafted Free Agents:

Ray Kibble (DT) — Atlanta Falcons

Tysyn Hartman (DB) — Kansas City Chiefs


Missouri Tigers


3rd Round (78th overall) — Michael Egnew (TE) — Miami Dolphins

Undrafted Free Agents:

Wes Kemp (WR) — Carolina Panthers

Austin Woebbels (OG) — Denver Broncos

Jerrel Jackson (WR) — Houston Texans

Terrell Resonno (DT) — Minnesota Vikings

Dan Hoch (OT) — New Orleans Saints

Grant Ressel (PK) — Pittsburgh Steelers

Beau Brinkley (LS – TE) — Tennessee Titans


Oklahoma Sooners


2nd Round (54th overall) — Ryan Broyles (WR) — Detroit Lions

3rd Round (74) — Donald Stephenson (OT) — Kansas City Chiefs

3rd Round (80) — Jamelle Fleming (LB) — Arizona Cardinals

4th Round (103) — Frank Alexander (DE) — Carolina Panthers

4th Round (125) — Ronnell Lewis (LB) — Detroit Lions

6th Round (186) — James Hanna (TE) — Dallas Cowboys

7th Round (223) — Travis Lewis (LB) — Detroit Lions

Undrafted Free Agents: (NONE)


Oklahoma State Cowboys


1st Round (5th overall) — Justin Blackmon (WR) — Jacksonville Jaguars

1st Round (22) — Brandon Weeden (QB) — Cleveland Browns

6th Round (190) — Markelle Martin (S) — Tennessee Titans

Undrafted Free Agents:

Levy Adcock (OT) — Dallas Cowboys

Jamie Blatnick (DE) — Denver Broncos

Johnny Thomas (S) — New Orleans Saints

Hubert Anyiam (WR) — San Diego Chargers


Texas Longhorns


4th Round (119th overall) — Keenan Robinson (LB) — Washington Redskins

6th Round (204) — Emmanuel Acho (LB) — Cleveland Browns

7th Round (215) — Kheeston Randall (DT) — Miami Dolphins

Undrafted Free Agents:

Blake Gideon (S) — Arizona Cardinals

Justin Tucker (PK/P) — Baltimore Ravens

Christian Scott (S) — Tennessee Titans

David Snow (C) — Buffalo Bills

Cody Johnston (RB) — Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Texas A&M Aggies


1st Round (8th overall) — Ryan Tannehill (QB) — Miami Dolphins

5th Round (161) — Randy Bullock (K) — Houston Texans

6th (182) — Cyrus Gray (RB) — Kansas City Chiefs

7th (246) — Terrance Frederick (CB) — Pittsburgh Steelers

Undrafted Free Agents:

Garrick Williams (LB) — Buffalo Bills

Lionel Smith (CB) — Dallas Cowboys

Coryell Judie (CB) — Denver Broncos

Eddie Brown (DT) — San Diego Chargers


Texas Tech Red Raiders

Drafted: NONE

Undrafted Free Agents: NONE


And for good measure, here’s a look at the two incoming Big 12 schools:

TCU Horned Frogs


5th Round (147th overall) — Tank Carder (LB) — Buffalo Bills

7th Round (220) — Greg McCoy (CB) — Chicago Bearts

Undrafted Free Agents:

Logan Brock (TE) — Houston Texans

Braylon Broughton (DE) — New Orleans Saints


West Virginia Mountaineers


1st Round (15th overall) — Bruce Irvine (DE) — Seattle Seahawks

5th Round (140) — Najee Goode (LB) — Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6th Round (174) — Keith Tandy (LB) — Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Undrafted Free Agents:

Julian Miller (DE) — Cincinnati Bengals

Tyler Urban (TE) — Tampa Bay Buccaneers


A big shoutout goes to Texas Tech, who managed to not have a single player drafted or signed in free agency.

Hey, at least Graham Harrell has a ring.

Good Job Big 12 (for serious).

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